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Key responsibilities of the board

  1. Assure OpenMRS adheres to its mission, vision, and values
  2. Determine and monitor the organization’s programs, services, and effectiveness
  3. Hold the organization accountable to make its plans in advance
  4. Ensure the organization creates a financial sustainability plan
  5. Review and approve annual budgets
  6. Support and review the performance of the executive director
  7. Represent OpenMRS to the public for both collaborative opportunities and financial support

Guiding questions to keep board discussions at the strategic level

  1. Is it significant and /or important to OpenMRS Inc or the OpenMRS community?
  2. Is it about the future?
  3. Is it core to the OpenMRS mission?
  4. Is it a high-level policy decision needed to resolve a situation?
  5. Does the Executive Director or the OpenMRS community want and need the board’s input and/or support? 

Questions to answer when establishing new programs or services

  1. How does this align with the OpenMRS mission/vision or strategic/operational plan?
  2. What do we need to give up in order to do this or what new resources do we need to allocate to ensure success
  3. What are the financial risk implications?
  4. What are the philosophical or operational risk implications?
  5. What could happen if we don’t do this?
  6. Aim for consensus but don’t fall back on non-action

Questions to answer when eliminating a program or service

  1. What members are going to be upset?
  2. What resources will be freed-up and what will happen to those resources? 
  3. Aim for consensus but don’t fall back on non-action
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