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 The page is under construction and will replace Module Release as we completely migrate to Bintray.


OpenMRS modules are released to a dedicated OpenMRS maven repository at and a Bintray repository at

Artifacts published to the maven repository are used by developers and include module's Java API and an OMOD. Bintray on the other hand is used to distribute modules to implementers, thus only OMODs are published there.

In addition to that there is the OpenMRS add-ons index, which is targeted for implementers and highlights all OpenMRS modules. It can index modules from various distribution channels including Bintray.

Maven Release

In order to publish your module to the OpenMRS maven repository you need to ask for approval via Talk. Thanks to the generosity of the JFrog company we have virtually unlimited space in the dedicated repository, but every new module adds some maintenance on us, thus modules are approved on case-by-case basis. All modules published to the OpenMRS maven repository are automatically published to the Bintray repository without any additional steps. If you want to update some details of your module in Bintray, please ask via Talk.

Please see this page on how to setup your module and do releases to the OpenMRS maven repository.

If your module does not get approved, you are welcome to publish it to the Maven Central. Please refer to instructions on Sonatype

Bintray Release

Note that if you publish your module to the OpenMRS maven repository, it is automatically published to the Bintray repository without any additional steps.

In order to publish your module to Bintray, you need to have an account on and follow these instructions. Once you make the first release you are welcome to apply for your module to be listed under among other modules for better recognition within the OpenMRS community. Simply ask for your module to be linked on Bintray via Talk (don't forget to include its Bintray URL).

Add-ons Release

Once you add your module to the OpenMRS add-ons index by editing add-ons-to-index.json and sending a pull request, your module will be periodically checked for new releases and updated accordingly.

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  1. Rafal Korytkowski, is it necessary for central hosting to be the default/preferred approach? Or is it possible that the preferred approach would be self-hosting and there would be specific criteria for when central hosting was used (e.g., community supported projects or other artifacts that multiple organizations are working on and shared access is needed)?