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What are Fundraising Meetings?

The OpenMRS fundraising calls are one-hour calls on the first and third Thursday of each month for the purpose of discussing any fundraising related ideas or issues. The calls are open to anyone and are lead by the Fundraising Team which include team leads and support personnel. We encourage all members of the community to join our fundraising calls

When are the Meetings to be held

Thursdays 3:00pm-4:00pm UTC (excluding OpenMRS holidays). See UTC translated to other time zones.

OpenMRS Meetings @ UberConference

Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing (latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or other WebRTC-compatible browser)

Audio Only (Telephone or your favorite VoIP client)

Be Prepared for Your Meeting

Be Considerate of Others

  • Please be on time for your meeting, and end on time.
  • The conference line is a shared resource for our community's use in our open source projects. Please do not use it for 3rd-party or personal meetings.
  • Be sure to confirm (and add) your meeting time on the Community Meeting Calendar to ensure others aren't using the service at the same time.
  • Please don't schedule meetings "back to back". Allow time for one meeting to wrap up before the next meeting begins.



20 - Fundraising Meeting








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