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The Purpose and Use of the Settings page.

The "Global Properties" page was renamed and updated to just a "Settings" page for 1.9. If the wiki mentions GPs they need to be updated, so in all the wiki pages we are making this update from Global Properties to settings.

The OpenMRS Settings (formerly Global Properties from 1.9 downwards) are simply variables with assigned string values. These values are editable while OpenMRS is running and no restart is required.

The settings page also lets users to indicate their preferences for how they want openmrs behave on their computers, these settings capture user preferences and are accessed at any time when the user feels something needs to change in the system.

At the settings (formerly global properties from platform 1.8 downwards) is where users are given privileges to work around the system.


The administration snapshot  









How to create an account and login to OpenMRS






  • How to manage your user preferences






  • All the parts of the patient dashboard

  • How to work with a patient record

    • Create a new patient    

  • Edit an existing patient's demographic information

  • Retire a patient record

  • How to add and change a clinical encounter














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