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Our next town hall meeting for the OpenMRS community is scheduled for September 14th & 15th; as of today, we are planning to hold two one hour sessions on that day. Please see the OpenMRS calendar for the times of these sessions, which are 1300 UTC Wed 14th Sept and 0700 UTC Thur 15th Sept. We are hosting this Town Hall on Uber Conference, located here.

We are seeking volunteers who may be interested in facilitating these calls. The current proposed agenda highlights one of our partners, SolDevelop, as well as addresses our current operational and organizational status. We are posting the proposed agenda so that you can comment and suggest changes and/or additions. Thanks for your review. 

Proposed Agenda:

  • SolDevelo Presentation
  • Status of the operational plan
  • Technical Roadmap and where we are
  • Information on the planned November OpenMRS Update Meeting ( will post link to the agenda) ; virtual participation
  • Update on the Uganda Summit
  • Fundraising 
  • Updates:
    • New Talk Members by Month
    • Volunteer Recognition Program
    • Updates on releases and technical road map
    • Operational plan
    • OpenMRS inc BOD
    • OpenMRS Advisory Board
    • November OpenMRS Update Meeting ( to include link to the agenda) 
  • Uganda Meeting

Slide Deck here.

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