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Reference Application 2.x releases are different than OpenMRS platform releases (like 1.11.0). Platform releases usually consist of alpha, beta releases and have Sprints to complete tickets in a short span of time. Reference Application 2.x is a collection of modules and hence its release consists of releasing all the modules planned to be included in the 2.x release and testing if all of them function collectively.

In the case of 2.5, the release is planned for the end of September 2016. Though the testing might not be as extensive as a Platform release, a user acceptance testing is necessary. This is scheduled around mid – September to Late mid – September. This is a very short period of time but for this to happen all the modules that are planned to be released in 2.5 need to be in a release ready state and we need your collective collaboration on making this happen.

Included Modules

Parent tracking issue for these items: 

Module NamePoint(s) of ContactJIRA IssueNexus?Modulus?Version/Notes/Description
addresshierarchyMark Goodrich (tick)(tick)Use the already released 2.9
providermanagementMark Goodrich (tick)(tick)Use released 2.5.0
calculationDarius Jazayeri
Mike Seaton
 (tick)(tick)Use the already released 1.2
serialization.xstreamMike Seaton (tick)(tick)Use the already released 0.2.12
reportingrestMike Seaton (tick)(tick)Use the already released 1.6
atlasAlexis Duque
Burke Mamlin
Darius Jazayeri
 (tick)(tick)Use the already released 2.2
appframeworkDarius Jazayeri (tick)(error)Use the already released 2.9
htmlwidgetsMike Seaton (tick)(tick)Use the already released 1.7.2
reportingMike Seaton (tick)(tick)Use the already released 0.10.4
metadatasharingRafal Korytkowski (tick)(tick)Use the already released 1.2.2
metadatamappingRafal Korytkowski (tick)(tick)Use the already released 1.2.0
htmlformentry19extMark Goodrich (tick)(tick)Use the already released 1.7
htmlformentryuiMark Goodrich
Darius Jazayeri
 (tick)(tick)Use released 1.6.0
namephoneticsMike Seaton (tick)(tick)Use the already released 1.5

Mike Seaton
Daniel Kayiwa 


Use released 4.4.0

dataexchangeRafal Korytkowski (tick)(tick)Use already-released 1.3.2
metadatadeployMark Goodrich
Darius Jazayeri
 (tick)(tick)Use the already released 1.7
htmlformentryMark Goodrich
Darius Jazayeri
 (tick)(tick)Use released 3.3.0
formentryappDarius Jazayeri
Rafal Korytkowski
Cintia Del Rio
 (tick)(error)Use the released 1.3

Darius Jazayeri
Rafal Korytkowski



Use already-released 3.7 (unless Daniel wants to do a new security-focused release)

Yes i would like to release 3.8 (Daniel) Use the released 3.9

uilibraryDarius Jazayeri
Rowan Seymour
 (tick)(tick)No changes. Use already-released 2.0.4.
appuiMark Goodrich
Darius Jazayeri
   Use the released 1.7

Cosmin Ioan
Mark Goodrich
Darius Jazayeri 

 (tick)(error) (asked maintainers to upload it) - UploadedUse the released 1.11.1
emrapiRafal Korytkowski
Mark Goodrich
Darius Jazayeri
 (tick)(tick)Use already-released 1.18
uicommonsDarius Jazayeri (tick)(error)Used the released 2.1

Daniel Kayiwa
Rafal Korytkowski

eventDaniel Kayiwa
Rafal Korytkowski

Use the released 2.5

allergyuiDaniel Kayiwa
Wyclif Luyima
 (tick)(error)Use the released 1.6
registrationcoreDavid DeSimone
Darius Jazayeri
Rafal Korytkowski
 (tick) (error) Use the already released 1.6
registrationappDavid DeSimone
Darius Jazayeri
Cosmin Ioan
Mark Goodrich
 (tick)(error)Use the released 1.6
referenceapplicationWyclif Luyima
Darius Jazayeri
referencedemodataDarius Jazayeri
Rafal Korytkowski
 (tick)(error) We shall release version 1.4.3 after the referencemetadata module is released.
referencemetadataDaniel Kayiwa
Darius Jazayeri
 (tick)(error)We need to release 2.5(Daniel Kayiwa should confirm
and edit here)
chartsearchKaweesi Joseph
Daniel Kayiwa

Use the already released 2.0

appointmentschedulingMark Goodrich (tick)(tick)Use released 1.7.0
appointmentschedulinguiMark Goodrich (tick)(tick)Use released 1.4.0
legacyuiDaniel Kayiwa (tick)(tick)Just released 1.2
reportingcompatibilityDaniel Kayiwa (tick)(tick)Use the already released 2.0.1
open web apps

Saptarshi Purkayastha

Rafal Korytkowski

Daniel Kayiwa

 (tick)(tick)Use the released 1.6.3
adminuiDaniel Kayiwa (tick)?Use the released 1.2
FHIRsurangak (tick)(error)1.6

Additional Release Items

Parent tracking issue for these items: 

Item NamePoint(s) of ContactJIRA IssueNotes/Description
Include latest CIEL concept dictionaryRafal Korytkowski (tick)
Release and Deploy Platform 2.0 ? to DTEDaniel Kayiwa (tick)
Deploy Reference Application 2.5 to UATDaniel Kayiwa (tick)
Reference Application 2.5 UATtaremwa tadeo (tick)
Release of Reference Application 2.5taremwa tadeo  (tick)


Module NamePoint(s) of ContactJIRA IssueStatusNexus?Modulus?Released Version/Notes/Description