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  • 2017-08-17 Leadership Team Call

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  • AOB
  • Review next meeting agenda
August 17, 2017
    Andy Kanter
  • Global Goods-Three RFPS released (GOFR core; GOFR; OpenLMIS) ; targeted development RFP; Future RFP will be released to support additional projects, including OpenMRS 
  • Guidestar Update 
  • Profile has been updated; currently shows founded date of 2016 ( re-granting of 5013C3)
  • add c/o in the address
  • difference between OpenMRS and OpenMRS Inc
  • LinkedIn page - Burke has access 
  • OpenMRS conference Update- Christine / Jeff 
  • Date
  • December 12-15
  • Logistics
  • Weekly calls on Friday
  • Lorinne 
  • Announcement- 
  • Paul to send out
  • MoH announcement about the conference and their commitment 
  • formal email from OpenMRS - Jeff
  • Still needing agreement with hotel
  • Strategic invites ( paul will reach out and follow up about funding opportunities) 
  • we should ask the previous funders  (including TW and IMO; potential inclusion of Gates Foundation due to Malawi meeting location)
  • who might want to support funders due to their mission
  • business like conference- who benefits from access to the conference  
  • implementing partners/who supports our work
  • groups that might benefit from having a presence at the conference (e.g., access to our technology or our community?)
  • what sponsorship gets you ( guidelines that are protective) 
  • Be sure to include IMO (Intelligent Medical Objects) in reach out via Andy
  • identifying people and then select them 
  • Service Provider Program - Draft (Jan/ Darius) 
  • finding way to stratify the service providers; what is the differentiation ( initial vs experienced doing a previous project) 
  • informal terms of agreement to be added to the site
  • out here for a period of time for comment ; response on Talk 
  • Infrstructure support update- Burke/Darius
  • how much money do we need and for what?
  • still need to have some additional discussions
  • rediscuss next week with a number and a mechanism
  • Bahmni Transition- Darius
  • three things to run for the legal review 
  • Bahmni governance document 
  • Bahmni Coalition MOU- will be ready on August 24 for review
  • Software Conservancy Fiscal Sponsorship- being modified to include the name OpenMRS
  • submission to DIAL/PATH
  • indirects will come to OpenMRS ( 15K is indirect; 5K for legal support; 36K for project manager) 
  • other specific spends 
  • Path/DIAL funds available to ensure transition of Bahmni into the Bahmni Coalition; no guarantee of future funding
  • value of OpenMRS as the fiscal sponsor- explains 12% 
  • Web site update
  • Jeff presented this last week
  • asked on Talk for volunteers to assist; creating spread sheet with their names
  • Jan and Darius proposed way to approach this
  • form working group to move forward
  • milestone approvals - where they occur/who approves (LT/BOD/Designated authority) 
  • Fundraising- Jan/ Jeff
  • no updates 
  • OpenMRS Ebola paper to be released in JMIR next week
  • Social Media Update
  • Ebola case study can be shared/tweeted once this is released 
  •  press release
To Do:
  •     discuss global good RFP for the future for OpenMRS
  • should be for core support 
  • schedule how we expect to respond to this RFP
  • Summit:
  • formal letter from OpenMRS- Jeff/Paul 
  • Review conference support/ funding opportunities
  • Infrastructure support
  • Burke to come back with a number/plan
  • Bahmni
  • governance plan 
  • review of spending plan
  • project manager/indirect spend 
  • Web site update 
  • Jeff- share the spreadsheet
  • bring back milestone /pathway
Monthly Items 
  • Fundraising Update
  • Operational Plan Update
  • Budget/Expenses/ first Thursday
  • Partnerships- third Thursday
  • plan meeting for the OMRS conference for the LT  
  • BOD Update
Quarterly Update (link to the quarterly status spreadsheet?)
  • Infrastructure Update (Quarterly - Jun, Sep, Dec)
  • Ongoing Quarterly metric review of specific areas
Parking Lot Follow Up items
  • Diversity Council-Terry 
  • Follow up re:  Pathway to Improved Terminology Management for the OpenMRS Community - Jonathan Payne ( update) - deferred