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Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.


  • AOB
  • Review next meeting agenda
    Agenda June 22, 2017
    • Town Hall Meeting- tentatively scheduled for June 28 at 1 PM EDT - Jeff
    • agenda items
    • coordinator - jeff may be able to do this if need be
    • Global Goods Update- Terry- no current update
    • Bahmni 
    • Terry to reach out for potential inclusion in the next round 
    • Operational Plan second quarter-- please update your information ( second URL) 
    • what isn't working
    • what is at risk
    • how can we help you? 
    • Web update-- Jeff
    • Only 10 people can reply ( free version) 
    • Already sent to Infrastructure, Developers, and Implementers
    • Most people aren't using the site on a daily basis
    • input from 'outside' perspective  
    • Evo
    • TW people
    • Jeff's wife...
    • Bahmni Update- Darius/Jan
    • governance- asked for response to the proposed governance
    • requesting funding from PATH ( seeking funding) 
    • response to BoD concerns 
    • Talk update needed
    • legal input- 
    • structure some of the discussion around explicit risk/benefits (rewards) 
    • what does OpenMRS get from this? what is the benefit and the value add to OpenMRS and the OpenMRS community? 
    • what do we exist for? What are we trying to do? what does OpenMRS  have that is unique or a value add? 
    • does retaining control matter 
    • who do we want to be/ what is our path forward
    • potential for more engagement in OpenMRS eco-system ( awareness/ facilitate/direct impact) 
    • does the relationship with Bahmni bring an opportunity for additional development/ awareness within the OpenMRS community overall? 
    • opportunity that co-exists because of this proposal ( darius role and potential for impact on OpenMRS community) 
    • positions OpenMRS to have larger impact- as we engage in a larger open collaboration ( Bahmni coalition)
    • political and community collaboration impact - one of our goals is to enable collaboration and this may provide an expedited pathway to this 
    • larger product lines-- may be more difficult to show value of the collaboration 
    • Bahmni as a ditribution provided 'on top' functionality
    • how does this help OpenMRS have more options for integration into a larger suite 
    • supports additional distributions with value added to the portfolio
    • make sure that it is  easy to understand our engagement-- be able to answer the Why we did this
    • clear understanding of the relationship between OpenMRS and this engagement 
    • Advisory Committee- deferred time due to July 4th ( and lots of people indicating that they cant attend); rescheduled for  July 19)
    • Proposed Agenda Item
    • How much focus should we be giving Distributions?  Should we continue to encourage more of them, bring them together to share code, etc?
    • Bahmni
    • eSaude
    • KenyaEMR
    • UgandaEMR
    • Philippines CHITS
    • Update on Summit - OMRS17 - Christine
    • Kenya- strong application
    • Swaziland- pending info on visa policy and airport transfers 
    • Malawi- strong application
    • OMRS16 After Action Review
    • METS is willing to help advise us this year
    • "Planning an OpenMRS Conference"
    • reach out to other countries from a partnership perspective for future opportunities ( Haiti/ Central America/ Uganda/Ghana) 
    • Funding for Infrastructure- Burke ( on wards); deferred until Burke back from wards 
    • should we take OpenMRS money to fund this ( how much are we talking about?)
    • how much do we need
    • how do we fund it
    • potential for 'internships'- Jeff/Terry
    • is there a need/a way to do this?
    • We encourage them to post to the Job Board if they're post school.
    • Some people request opportunities for non-dev roles, how would we mobilize them?
    • Diversity Council- languishing
    • Fiscals
    • Sustain OSS
    • tech and OS community/OS sustainment for projects
    • DIAL - part of the UN Foundation
    • Big grant to disrupt current ICT international development 
    • Michael is community lead ( under Jeff Wishney)
    • best practices
    • impact of more partnerships
    • shared resources/ shared services
    • may be most interested in earlier role in getting OS projects
    • Report on Fundraising Efforts @Andy
    • Operational Plan Update
    Monthly Items 
    • Budget/Expenses/ first Thursday
    • Partnerships- third Thursday 
    Quarterly Update
    • Infrastructure Update (Quarterly - Jun, Sep, Dec)
    • Diversity Council
    • Ongoing Quarterly metric review of specific areas
    • who is contributing code
    • volunteer contributions
    • go through some of the numbers--and gather them before the TH and review them
    Parking Lot Follow Up items
    • Follow up re:  Pathway to Improved Terminology Management for the OpenMRS Community - Jonathan Payne ( update) - deferred
    • Next steps:
    • review google doc and engage on talk thread