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Last weeks action items 2017-10-02 Project Management Meeting
Internships (GSoC)Harsha Kumara & Kaweesi Joseph
  • So you want to be an OpenMRS GSoC Admin 
  • Admin after action review to create helpful admin documentation
  • Jamie trying to schedule a call on Thursday 9am ET find a good time to do this - design time w/ Suranga, Burke, anyone who wants to help with documentation efforts, those aspiring to lead GSoC
DHIS2 IntegrationSri Maurya Kummamuru & James Kariuki
  • Jamie following up with Maurya about getting Burke would like more roadmap in terms of understanding whats next and how someone could help - DHIS Reporting Status and Road Map
BintrayRafal Korytkowski &  Darius Jazayeri
  • Ivange reached about to Rafal about this alreadyHave not seen a post looking for volunteer to update wiki pages - think this is a good task for GCI
SolDevelo Rafal Korytkowski &  Darius JazayeriSolDevelo
AndelaDaniel KayiwaDid Cintia fire up dev test servers for Andela to work on via JetStream?AndelaDaniel Kayiwa
  • total of 14 devs right now
  • 3 groups working on - management observations, management of AddOn screens, cohort builder, AddOn manager tool
  • when there is a community project or scrum suggest firing up dev test servers with out reference application on them for Andela - would like to have these by end of year
PlatformBurke Mamlin
  • Burke needs to summarize the list for Platform 2.2 and put straw man into the road map?
  • need a release manager (Plan B: Wyclif and Daniel)?
Reference ApplicationStephen Senkomago Musoke
  • Was Stephen able to clean is cleaning up roadmap page to match reality and pushing leftover items to 2.8?
  • Did Stephen is going to open new thread on what we plan to put into 2.7 release and if people have something they do not see on the list please richest to the release manager (after clean up road map)?
  • Who is one of Stephen's colleagues who is going to shadow to potentially learn and possibly be the next release manager?
  • GCI application is complete submitting proposal
  • Ivange asked if there is anything we can do so that we can add one OMRS leader as admin to help supervise everything.  Also while filling the form they were asked for OMRS contact email and entered That is what was on the previous GCI website. Can/should we give them access to this email during the program? (Would like Burke to reply on current Talk message)
  • Ivange needs a list of GCI tasks
Review pmtool  
Project Management Activities 
  • review the list for changes
  • would like to add OpenMRS Conference as a weekly touch point
  • Setting up design call in November to discuss the state and direction of OCL
Design Forum: OPEN FORUM

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