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There are numerous IRC clients from which to choose or you can visit our chat room or directly right here or from your browser using




How to use IRC

If you're new, please see for a very helpful IRC tutorial. You can also check



Try addressing someone directly by putting their complete user name into your question. This might get their attention faster. You should also consider posting a message to OpenMRS Talk.

Common IRC commands

Command to type

What it does

Code Block
/nick YourName

Sets your current nickname to YourName

Code Block
/msg NickName message

Sends message to NickName in a private chat window

Code Block
/me text

Sends text in a 3rd-person sort of way, e.g., "YourNickName starts to dance"

Code Block
/whois NickName

Shows you additional information about NickName

Code Block

Logs out of IRC

There are a lot of other commands available. Search the web for information about them.