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Comment: Added items from Jira


  • Support for OrderSets and OrderGroups
  • Drug name search should accept special characters
  • Retrospective stop of orders
  • Retrospective discontinuation of orders.


  • [TRUNK-3383] - HandlerUtil.getPreferredHandler(Class<H> handlerType, Class<T> type) throws an exception if top-ranked handlers have the same order ranking
  • [TRUNK-3580] - MessageSourceService.getMessage methods that take a MessageSourceResolvable should return the proper default message
  • [TRUNK-3915] - liquibase change-set 20090402-1518 (Adding not-null constraint to uuid columns) not run when creating a new 1.9.3 database from scratch
  • [TRUNK-4757] - Inconsistent error messages reported about new patient's age
  • [TRUNK-4767] - Application Data directory structure in Windows 10 causes install problem
  • [TRUNK-4771] - Authorization checks are slow when running as Daemon
  • [TRUNK-4779] - Cache reflection info for calls in RequiredDataAdvice
  • [TRUNK-4782] - Retrospective edit of Orders.
  • [TRUNK-4793] - obsValueField.tag has an invalid jstl expression
  • [TRUNK-4796] - Drug search with special characters in name throws exception
  • [TRUNK-4805] - Retrospective stop of orders
  • [TRUNK-4810] - isDatabaseStringComparisonCaseSensitive must be cached
  • [TRUNK-4811] - Daemon user must be cached
  • [TRUNK-4814] - Error creating patient for large location IDs > 1000
  • [TRUNK-4817] - A user should be redirected to home page if logged in instead of the login page
  • [TRUNK-4824] - Concept Name Tag Validator throws a duplicate error for the same concept name tag
  • [TRUNK-4825] - Module upload should not refresh context more than once
  • [TRUNK-4826] - Springloaded does not work on Windows
  • [TRUNK-4831] - Unvoid Patient Record ends up NullPointerException
  • [TRUNK-4841] - Using @JoinColumn instead of @Column with @ManyToOne in BaseOpenmrsData


  • [TRUNK-4794] - The goal of this issue is to add the ability to use order sets for orders.

New Feature

  • [TRUNK-4761] - Free Text Drug Orders
  • [TRUNK-4769] - Add another method in HibernateContextDAO to use start() method of MassIndexer class
  • [TRUNK-4833] - Add getDrugIngredientByUuid() to the service layer


  • [TRUNK-4834] - Support for Order Sets and Order Groups


  • [TRUNK-4799] - Fix ERROR - EncounterSaveHandler.handle: Unable to save complex obs


We are so thankful to all our contributors towards this release, here is a list of these wonderful people