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2. 11 June to 30 June: Create a system to convert the JSON Form schema to actual form UI in the app, and send data back to the server. I plan to use TextInputLayout for the form elements because of their neat design and complying with material design. Create a data contract and SQL Schema for the form data, automatically save form data to local SQL, make a Syncadapter to send the data back to the server when online.

3. 1 July to 10 July: Notifications are a powerful UI element of the Android platform. Notifications are system wide, interactive and if handled properly, elegant and unobtrusive. I will make a robust notification system as a bundle within the app and call it at appropriate places to notify the user. The Openmrs app organizes UI elements in the code as bundles, for example the Toast bundle or Alertdialog bundle: My proposed notification bundle will be on those lines and will replace toasts and alertdialogs during events where more information needs to be shown as an alert to the user, like when an encounter with a patient is going on, a sticky notification may be shown, and when an event is complete, say capturing vitals, a notification is shown informing this. Also the forms feature can make use of notifications, for indicating sync status. Since notifications are interactive in Android, I will provide action buttons within the notification to take the user directly to the concerned page within the app on clicking the button.

4. 11 July to 20 July: Add the Maps page in the app, or use Google Maps API to show a list of nearby alternative care centres. Add Google Analytics (using a Google account provided by/ shared by the OpenMRS staff). If possible make this data available on for users to see. Add a feature in the patient registration page to quickly fill in the location of an accident victim when the patient is unable to answer. 

5. 21July to 31 July :Design a homepage with a graph with WilliamChart that is neat and provides usable information. Add Quick Start Guide using ShowcaseView. Add a Widget to show a list of active visits on the homescreen. 

6. 1 August to 10 August: Implement the Provider module in the app, with the help of the JSON api. It may be a rudimentary implementation or an entire dashboard, depending on the time left (low priority). If allowed by the api, notification support to be added to this as well. 7 Explanation for this is added in the Goals.

7. 11 August to 15 August: Extensive testing of the application to hunt for any bugs. Prepare for final submission and release of new version of the app for the users. Pilot test the app internally among testers. Submit final code to Google.