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titleGetting started using ConfluenceSetting up OpenMRS development environment
|F|M|F|14539946373461453994764599|          |justsans|Create a OpenMRSGithub IDAccount|
|F|M|F|14539947645991453994783919|          |justsans|CreateInstall aJava Github AccountJDK on your machine|
|F|M|F|14539947839191453994803050|          |justsans|Install JavaGit JDK on your local machine|
|F|M|F|14539948030501453994948148|          |justsans|Install Git on your local machine|
|F|M|F|1453994637346|          |justsans|Create a OpenMRS ID|
|F|M|F|14539949441121453998848144|          |justsans|UseUpdate gityour toname download and openmrs id in the openmrs-coreparticipant source codelist on the home page|
|F|M|F|14539949481481453994978200|          |justsans|Install mavenMysql and set a root password and remember it|
|F|M|F|14539949620761453994944112|          |justsans|Build Use git to download the openmrs-core usingsource mavencode|
|F|M|F|14539949782001453994962076|          |justsans|InstallBuild Mysqlopenmrs-core and set a root password and remember itusing maven|
|F|M|F|1453995030677|          |justsans|Run openmrs-core using mvn jetty:run|
|F|M|F|1453995211779|          |justsans|Access the openmrs application from the browser http://localhost:8080/openmrs|