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OpenMRS Platform 2.0.0 Alpha is the first pre-release for testing, leading up to an eventual release of Platform 2.0 in early 2016.

titlePlatform 2.0: The New Era

The Platform 2.0 release will mark a new era for OpenMRS.

Fundamentally, Platform 2.0 will be the first version of OpenMRS that truly embraces its role as a Platform: the base installation does not include a user interface, and you can only interact with it through web services. This will enable OpenMRS Platform to serve as a true back-end service, and a foundation upon which people can innovate with modern web application frameworks.

Simultaneously, we are also cleaning up our Java APIs by removing all the deprecated methods that have built up over the last decade of OpenMRS releases, and modernizing by running on Java 8, and upgrading libraries like Spring and Hibernate.

These are fundamental changes, not all of which are backwards-compatible, and we are marking the occasion by increasing the major version of the Platform for the first time in OpenMRS's history.


 If a new bug is found, send an email to one of the mailing lists or create a new JIRA ticket (click upper right icon) Signup for an ?OpenMRS ID

We request module owners to verify their module works with Platform 2.0.0 Alpha. A number of modules have already been ported. Please follow the instructions mentioned in RA-954



For Platform 2.0.0 alpha, we have focused largely on the following features


titleOpenMRS 1.9 will reach end of life when Platform 2.0.0 is released.

As of described in Unsupported Releases (EOL), OpenMRS can only support up to three released versions at a time (the current release and then two versions back). With the release of OpenMRS 2.0.0, support will no longer be provided by the core Development Team for OpenMRS 1.9.x and earlier. This announcement also serves as advance notice that support will end for OpenMRS Platform 1.10.x, concurrent with the release of Platform 2.1.0