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Community Development Status
  • Top two look correct
  • page doesn't mention anything about active sprints
  • the page needs to be re-branded targeting developers. Need to identify person to do this.
1.12Shruthi Dipali
  • still need to see Talk topic around 1.12 release
  • ticket for order sets work?
2.0Mayank Sharma
  • 13 Nov - Mayank and Daniel cutting down outstanding trunk tickets to have the must haves for 2.0 on 17 Nov
  • release standalone with platform
  • need to have standalone run on Java 8
  • Legacy UI - 4 tickets are left (Wyclif will ask a volunteer to pick them up or finish them himself this week)
  • Note: may want to make asking the community for help a weekly thing
  • allergies waiting to test until ref app can run on 2.0
  • deprecated methods status is testing
  • add 2.0 will include better documentation for REST web services

Action items

  •  Jamie Thomas will follow up with 1.12 release managers on posting Talk topic 
  •  Wyclif Luyima will create a ticket for improving documentation for REST web services and add it to the technical road map