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Modules required to be released

S.NoModuleVersion in Reference Application 2.3Version in Reference Application 2.2Notes/Issue(s)To Do: Update RA-2.3 Documentation
1Admin UI1.0Not Included Unknown User (wyclif)
2Allergy API1.31.3Same 
3Allergy UI1.21.1.2Included in RAUnknown User (mogoodrich)
4App Framework2.42.3Included in RAUnknown User (darius)
5App UI1.41.3Included in RAWyclif
6Appointment Scheduling Module1.41.3See in JIRA  
7Appointment Scheduling UI Module1. in JIRA  
10Chart Search Module1.4.11.2See in JIRAUnknown User (k.joseph)
11Core Apps1.71.6Included in RAUnknown User (darius), Unknown User (wyclif)
12Data Exchange1. 
13EMR API1.11.11.6See in JIRAUnknown User (dkayiwa), Unknown User (wyclif)
15Form Entry App1.21.1Included in RARafal Korytkowski
16HTML Form Entry2.62.5See in JIRAUnknown User (mogoodrich)
17HTML Form Entry Extensions for OpenMRS in HTML Form EntryUnknown User (mogoodrich)
18HTML Form Entry UI Framework Integration1.31.2Included in HTML Form EntryUnknown User (mogoodrich)
19HTML Widgets1. in JIRAUnknown User (mseaton)
20ID Generation4.03.2See in JIRAUnknown User (mseaton)
21Metadata Deploy1.5.01.4See in JIRAUnknown User (mseaton)
22Metadata Mapping1. 
23Metadata Sharing1. 
24Name Phonetics1.51.4See in JIRAUnknown User (dthomas), Unknown User (mseaton), Unknown User (mogoodrich)
25Provider Management2.32.2Included in RAUnknown User (mogoodrich)
26Reference Application (RA)2.3 (To release 2.3.1 after
Reference Metadata)
2.2See in JIRAUnknown User (wyclif)
27Reference Demo Data (optional) 
28Reference Metadata2.3.12.3SameReleased on 10th October 2015
29Registration App1.31.2Included in RAUnknown User (wyclif)
30Registration Core1.21.1.2Included in RAUnknown User (mogoodrich)
31Reporting0. in JIRAUnknown User (mseaton)
32Reporting REST1.51.4Included in RAUnknown User (darius)
33Rest Web Services2.122.11.dae2e2See in JIRAUnknown User (dkayiwa)
34Serialization Xstream0. in JIRAUnknown User (bwolfe), Unknown User (mseaton), Unknown User (luzhuangwei)
35UI Commons1.71.6See in JIRAUnknown User (wyclif), Unknown User (darius)
36UI Library2. 
37UI Framework3.43.3.1Included in RA


38UI Test Framework1.61.5.1  


The closed issues in Reference Application Modules  - JIRA issues accepted