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  • Translating the Reference Application

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If you find a Reference Application module that is not included in the Transifex project, please ask on OpenMRS Talk to have it added. 

The translations that you make on Transifex need to be reviewed by an reviewer, and then manually pulled into modules by a developer, so after you have reached a good stopping point with a module's translations, you may want to notify its owner, and ask them to pull them inTranslations are automatically pulled into the codebase daily, but module owners won't automatically notice this, and won't automatically release a new version with your translations. After you have reached some milestone of translating a module, you should write a post on dev:translation, and we'll make sure the appropriate module owner is notified.

You can be a reviewer!

We would like to have all translations be reviewed before they are pulled into the codebase, but we are not doing this yet. (At present we automatically mark all translations as reviewed daily, with this CI plan.)

Help us improve by volunteering to review translations! For this you should meet certain requirements:


There are some tasks that you can do as a Translation Manager, without needing to be multilingual yourself:

  • Make sure Help us start a review process, and ensure that all new translations are reviewed in a reasonable amount of time
    • Even better, help set up automated alerts for this
  • Make sure that all languages that have translations are available in modules
    • Even better, help set up automated alerts for this (i.e. a module's config.xml or .tx/config doesn't mention a language for which it has a translation)
  • Make sure that any reported "translation issues" in Transifex are being addressed
    • Even better, help us set up automated alerts for this
  • Find commonly-used modules we aren't translating yet, and encourage module authors to get these into Transifex.
  • Help recruit translators and (especially!) reviewers
  • Help us craft a strategy for uncommon languages (i.e. what to do where it's too hard to find reviewers)
    • (Maybe allow unreviewed translations of certain languages. Or maybe decide that if a language is that uncommon in the OpenMRS community, we shouldn't be including it.)