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Discussion items

Daniel Kayiwa

Platform 1.11.4

Reference Application 2.3

Tharunya Pati
  • waiting for new version of CIEL dictionary from Andrew Kanter
  • Nyan is still working on Maria DB - need to have items in CI to be considered done
  • shows that we are running 2.3 but we need to release new version of reference application after reference metadata
Platform 1.12 

Platform 2.0 

Mayank Sharma  
Implementation Updates  

Action items



  • need to reschedule dev forum discussion around 2.0
  • need to start deprecated methods spike and then sprint
  • need to sprint on allergies and problems, moving legacy UI, removing deprecated methods

Action items

  •  Wyclif Luyima will take a look at the 2.3 release to make sure there are no other issues for the release
  •  Daniel Kayiwa will own the deprecated method spike and sprint
  •  Wyclif Luyima will help Tharunya Pati get 2.3 out and preparing sprint on moving legacy UI