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The Project Leader is a single individual, voted for by the community management committeeOpenMRS Leadership team. Once someone has been appointed Project Lead, they remain in that role until they choose to retire, or the community management OpenMRS Leadership team casts a two-thirds majority vote to remove them.  The Project Leader helps guide other members of the community management teamOpenMRS Leadership Team: the role is normally one of coordinator and facilitator.  The Project Leader is also expected to ensure that all governance processes are adhered to, and has the tie-breaking vote when a community management committee vote results in a tie. The Project Leader can remove a director with cause. The Project Lead MAY also the Executive that is appointed by the OpenMRS Inc board


OpenMRS Leadership Team 

The OpenMRS community management leadership team is comprised of OpenMRS Directors as well as Managers and the Project Leader. In the future,  additional members to the community management team may be added. The community management OpenMRS Leadership team ensures the smooth running of the community. Community management OpenMRS Leadership team members are expected to participate in strategic planning, resource raising/allocation activities, and approve changes to the governance model.  There is no restriction on the number of management team members at this time.

The community management OpenMRS Leadership team actively solicits advice and feedback from the advisory committee. 

Members of the community management OpenMRS Leadership team are listed on the leadership talk site. 

Weekly management call agendas are posted and the community can submit topics to be addressed during these meetings. Meetings are held via uberconference, and community members are invited to attend.  Minutes of the management committees weekly calls are also published at the leadership talk site (see below). 

The community management OpenMRS Leadership team acts on behalf of the community to make decisions and facilitate community engagement. The community management OpenMRS Leadership team strives to make decisions through consensus as described below.  When that approach does not work, a voting process is invoked with a majority vote determining the decision.  In case of a tie, the project leader has the tie-breaking vote.

The community management OpenMRS Leadership team is responsible for creating and endorsing a proposed annual operational plan as well as a proposed annual budget. The operational plan will include non-fiscal requirements and expectation. The project lead presents these plans to the OpenMRS Inc.Board of Directors on an annual basis and provides appropriate updates throughout the year. 

A community management OpenMRS Leadership team meeting may be closed due to a sensitive topic. This will be announced ahead of time.  In addition, the OpenMRS community management Leadership team has access to a private mailing list and its archives. This list is used for sensitive issues, such as votes for leadership and legal matters that cannot be discussed in public.  It is never used for project management or planning. for further information on the management OpenLeadership committee within OpenMRS.