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  • OpenMRS Community Governance Model

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  • Develop and evolve the OpenMRS Platform, the foundational product of our community
  • Develop and evolve the OpenMRS Reference Application, a community-managed OpenMRS Distribution, which serves as:
    • an application meant to be configured and used directly in health delivery settings
    • a demonstration of the capabilities of the OpenMRS Platform  
  • Actively encourage and support the development of additional OpenMRS Distributions, deriving and disseminating best practices and technologies from them
  • Educate individuals, institutions, and companies on building, implementing, and maintaining OpenMRS and related health information technologies
  • Help organizations successfully implement OpenMRS by cultivating and participating in an ecosystem of effective service providers


some possible titles for this next section...



OpenMRS:  the Community and the Organization   (or, the Community & "the Inc.")

The Community and OpenMRS Inc.

Bill:  a short section here describing the relationship between the community and OpenMRS Inc., its Board, and it's Executive.  Every time people ask about OpenELIS, they ask - is there one OE or two?  What's the relationship between state PH labs and PEPFAR, etc.   I think the same questions come up with regard to OpenMRS, OpenMRS Inc., the leadership group, etc.  Where does authority (if different types) actually lie?  This will be increasingly important as the Inc., becomes more visible.

possible draft:

OpenMRS is centered around developing and serving a community drawn together around our common objectives.  Some activities that benefit the community, such as holding title to software or other intellectual property, submitting proposals, or receiving and administering funds, require a legal entity to act on behalf of that community.  OpenMRS Inc. is a non profit (Sec 501(c)(3) ) corporation, incorporated in Indiana to serve act as that entity.  OpenMRS Inc., is defined by a charter which identifies its beneficiaries as ___________.  It is governed by a Board, elected ___every 3 years___ by __process__.  The Board appoints and oversees an Executive, who is responsible to the board for carrying out the work of OpenMRS Inc.  <a sentence saying how the community - through it leadership group or en masse - is accountable to the Inc. or how the Inc. is accountable  to the community.  or both>

Oversight (-> Community Activities and Participation)

The community activities described above are governed through a meritocratic process.  We want to draw on the talents of a diverse global community, and to do that, we establish high standards for collaboration, debate, delegation of responsibility and ethics.  Anyone with an interest in what we're doing and who believes in our mission can join the community, contribute to the project design, participate in the decision making process, and hopefully have a lot of fun in the process.  This document describes how that participation takes place, how to demonstrate merit within the community, and how merit affects the ability to influence the community's direction.


OpenMRS Platform, OpenMRS Reference Application, and other software developed to support the OpenMRS Community:   these products are distributed to the public under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 with Healthcare Disclaimer (MPL 2.0 HD).  [consider a parenthetical or link to a brief paragraph on how our license has influenced our structure]

Documentation, educational materials, other creative works:  this content is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.  


  • We need clear processes for contribution described because we need to guide contributors towards the project and reassure potential users that there's a quality control process in place to produce good software.
  • What kinds of contributions are we less interested in?




A person who takes on responsibility for overseeing some work product of the OpenMRS community. Coordinators are expected to: