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  1. Discuss your impression of current governance at the leadership group (LG) level
    1. What is your understanding of the current direction of OMRS and the LG?
    2. How does one become a leader/member on the LG?
    3. What are the basic types of decisions the community makes?
      1. Platform Decisions 
      2. Reference Application Decisions
      3. Community Support Infrastructure Decisions
      4. Community Get-Together Decisions
      5. Inc. Activities
    4. Does the current governance model work for
      1. strategic decisions
      2. technical decisions
      3. you
      4. the community
  2. What changes would help leadership? 
    1. What process do we expect the the leadership group to use in decision making (ie, meritocracy, benign dictatorial, consensus) ?

    2. What/how would you change the governance process to make it better and why?
    3. What are the risks of not changing?
    4. Additional thoughts /comments

Cullen interpretation of current LG:

Leadership Group:

    • Current overall governance rests within the leadership group. The leadership group started as ad hoc group of initial people involved in OMRS. The activities and responsibilities of the leaders include functioning as arbitrator and coordinator. 

My interpretation of the current status is:

    • Membership- there are currently x number of members on the leadership group
      • New “leaders” identified in the following manner 
        • Proposed Leader nominated by another leader
        • Seconded by another
        • Discussion
        • Current members decided upon inclusion or not
        • Length of membership
          • Until left on own
    • Agenda Setting (?)
    • C.  Current process ( based on review) MAY NOT BE ACCURATE

      • Overarching Decision Making - a critical function of the leadership group
      • Proposal from the leadership group
        • assume decision is informed through the community
      • Lead with a goal of decision by consensus
      • Discussion
      • Decision; if no consensus, then??
      • ?? then what? Are there artifacts documenting decisions for others to see
      • documented through published artifacts
      • Documentation of leadership decisions and outcomes
      • Minutes posted to the wiki
      • Leadership Length of Service on Leadership Group
      • There are no currently defined terms within leadership
      • There is no defined process to rotate off leadership group

Decision Making Process

  1. Basic description of the decision-making posture of the community (attributes, qualities, values)  a fairly specific description that explains the attributes we expect the community to be focused upon (ie, meritocracy, dictatorial, etc)
  2. Basic types of decisions the community makes
  3. Platform Decisions
    1. involved parties
    2. types
    3. timing
    4. exceptions
  4. Reference Application Decisions
  5. Community Support Infrastructure Decisions
  6. Community Get-Together Decisions
  7. Inc. Activitie