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OCL subscription module 
  • need to understand the deliverable that Kenya is expecting for the OCL subscription module

Condition List

  • Daniel will take a look at condition list to see what we need to do to get the API in 2.3
Web Framework 
  • focusing on advancing REST web services
  • tickets around REST should be the priority if people are looking for tickets to work on
  • need to schedule a design call for ranking REST tickets
  • need to go through all OpenMRS REST tickets
Vertical Packaging 
  • Burke need to reach out to Rafal about being the technical owner for metadata mapping
  • will take a look at the design we had and see if we can get it in 2.3
Admin Functions 
  • Basic Admin UI sprint starts today
  • no one came to the sprint kick-off meeting
  • believe there are issues with time zone issues, so might help to send out messages right before so people know their happening
  • Wyclif will reach out to those community members who are interested and see if they still want to participate and see if there are communication reasons they were unable to be at the kickoff meeting
Basic Order Entry 
  • not ready for 2.3
Support Maria DB 
  • getting deployed before September seems achievable
  • check in on progress next week
Underlying Technologies 
  • Hibernate 4 was not talked about on last weeks dev forum
Release Managers 
  • Volunteers OpenMRS 2.3: Manika Maheshwari & Tharunya Pati
  • Volunteers Platform 2.0: Mayank Sharma
  • will do a last call for release managers and then determine who that is on next weeks PM call
  • need to have metric of the work happening in the community (ie. platform, overall, etc.)
  • wondering what happened to tickets in the last week?
  • would like to vet tickets for people to get started on
  • need process for what makes a JIRA ticket a priority
  • need to investigate metrics from JIRA that would be usable
  • use REST web services as our first list of tickets and then go from there
  • what metric would give you a good idea for measuring community help?

Action items

  •  Burke Mamlin will send thread to try and get a better understanding around the expectations of Kenya when it comes to the OCL subscription module
  •  Daniel Kayiwa will take a look at the note from previous Condition List conversations to see if we have enough thoughts/ideas to create an action plan
  •  Talk about community swim lane next week
  •  Unknown User (darius) will create Talk message asking people to help with REST tickets, will include link to tickets
  •  Unknown User (jthomas) will find time on a design call to rank REST tickets
  •  Burke Mamlin will reach out to Rafal Korytkowski about being the technical owner for metadata mapping
  •  Unknown User (jthomas) will check in on progress of MariaDB next week
  •  Burke Mamlin will point out decision that needs to be made on Hibernate 4 on Talk
  •  Unknown User (jthomas) will do a last call for volunteer release managers on Talk
  •  All PM participants are going to think about how JIRA metrics can be used to measure work happening in the community.