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Note that for running a distribution you will most likely need to have MySQL 5.7 installed.

Answer all remaining wizard questions, which may include selecting a version of platform or distribution, database connection details, JDK path.


The SDK comes with the H2 database so you do not have to install anything to use it. The MySQL 5.7 database needs to be installed prior to using it with the SDK. Please refer to installation instructions.

An H2 database is stored in a directory under ~/openmrs/server_id/database


OpenMRS SDK will automatically clone repository to current directory, fork it to Your GitHub account and add upstream remote to git repository.

Watching projects

Note (Windows) :  See the solution section of this article, for step by step instructions to grant Create Symbolic Links privileges to a user or group. (In the current version of the SDK, watch does not copy files. It creates a symbolic link in the distribution folder to the source folder. Older versions of Windows do not support symbolic links. For those that do, the user account running this command must have the Create Symbolic Links privilege. Generally, it can be added through the Local Security Policy snap-in by a user with Administration privileges. Review details about the Create Symbolic Links permission for more information.)

You can add a module as watched by the selected server executing the openmrs-sdk:watch command in module's project directory.