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We're working towards a relatively objective definition for stages that includes specific skills and expectations.  Undoubtedly, this process will need to be refined over time and we appreciate your understanding as we discover bugs and work through in the process.  In general, this overview should help give you the big picture of you or other devs belong in the spectrum of stages:

  • /dev/null can be anyone in the community.
  • /dev/1 is a learner.  Someone discovering OpenMRS development.
  • /dev/2 is contributing to the community (i.e., donating their time & skills to help the community).
  • /dev/3 is cooperating with others.  While others may not depend on them or they may not depend on others, they are investing in the community in a way that takes the needs of others into consideration.
  • /dev/4 is collaborating.  This is more than simply working with others.  Collaborating implies interdependency – i.e., the developer is working closely with people from other teams, other organizations depend on their work, etc.
  • /dev/5 is a leader in the community, driving one or more aspect of OpenMRS' technical mission forward and demonstrating to others best practices for being a developer in the communitygood OpenMRS citizen.

Who decides?

As mentioned earlier, community members should be able to go from /dev/null to /dev/1 on their own and reach /dev/2 based on objective merits.  Beyond that, advancing people through stages is a manual process for the community. /dev/3s, /dev/4s, and /dev/5s meet periodically (2-3x/year) to review current staging assignments and adjust them.  If you feel that you have earned a developer stage, then make sure a /dev/3, /dev/4, or /dev/5 knows about your interest in advancing stages as well as the steps you've taken that support your advancement. People are welcome to nominate themselves as well as others for advancement. Remember, developer stages are not just a measure of someone's development skills, but also a reflection of their engagement with the OpenMRS Development Community.