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If you would like to join us and improve our stages, please reach out to Jennifer Antillaor join one of our working sessions on Thursdays at 10:30pm IST | 8pm Nairobi | 7pm Cape Town | 5pm UTC | 1pm Boston | 10am Seattle.

Which stage am I (or someone else)?

Take a look at the OpenMRS Talk Badges page under "Developers" to find the badges /dev/null/dev/5.  You can click on any of these badges to see the list of users with that badge.  Many Many developers also have entered their developer stage as their title in in OpenMRS Talk preferences (click on your picture in the top right corner, select Preferences, and look for the "Title" preference to set yours.

How do I advance in OpenMRS Stages?

for For Developer Stages, all n00bs begin as /dev/null (i.e., we don't expect to get a lot out of 'em (smile)).  Advance from /dev/null to /dev/1 by earning badges as described on the /dev/null badge page.

We have tried to create 're working towards a relatively objective definition for stages that includes specific skills and expectations.  Undoubtedly, this process will need to be refined over time and we appreciate your understanding as we discover bugs and work through in the process.  In general, this overview should help give you the big picture of you or other devs belong in the spectrum of stages: