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Administrators can change the current list of available locales with a Setting (formerly Global Property from platform 1.9 upwardsdownwards): locale.allowed.list

Go to Administration > Maintenance > Manage Global Properties

Use the two letter ISO-639-1 language code (see for a list of codes)

This Setting  modifies Setting (formerly Global Property from 1.9 downwards) modifies the list of locales at the bottom of the page and the languages in the concept dictionary.  The list of possible locale choices on the bottom of the page are modified with the locale.allowed.list, but only if there is a file to match the locale.  In order to show the OpenMRS pages in Haitian Kreyol, complete these 2 steps:


Drop a new file into the tomcathome/openmrs/WEB-INF/  to add additional translations.  You will need to modify the Setting  Setting (formerly Global Property from 1.9 downwards) locale.allowed.list in order to choose the new language.  This file will disappear after upgrades, so be sure to keep a backup.