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  • Go through the OAuth specification and understand OAuth2 and it's grant types
  • Go through the available samples in web to understand the implementation(6). 
  • Develop OAuth based security module for OpenMRS 
  • Come up with set of UI mockups for application creation and authorization
  • Create a new module following Creating Modules (improve the documentation if needed)
  • Apply for a repository at and a JIRA project
  • Create tickets in JIRA for tasks to be completed during GSoC
  • Design and implement the module API layer
    • API layer need to have a validateToken method which takes incoming token to check whether it's valid or not. The service will be a spring service where FHIR Module and Web Service module call to validate the incoming token. 
  • Design and implement the module OMOD layer
  • OMOD layer should support for following endpoints (Twitter API tutorial will helpful in understanding below endpoints During the implementation we may simplify the endpoints