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Comment: added <lookup expression="visit.startDatetime"/>


  • patient: the patient object you're entering the form for
  • user: the current authenticated user (added in HFE 1.9)
  • locale: the authenticated user's locale
  • patientIdentifiers: Map<String, List<String>> of -> all identifiers of that type
  • personAttributes: Map<String, Object> of -> the (hydrated) current attribute value
    • since HTML Form Entry 1.7 the name has any single quotes removed, so "Mother's Name" will become "Mothers Name"
  • relationshipList: List<Relationship> of all relationships that the subject of the form belongs to
  • relationshipMap: Map<String, List<Person>> of either RelationshipType.aIsToB or RelationshipType.bIsToA -> all persons with that relationship to the subject
  • form: the HtmlForm currently in use
  • encounter: the Encounter currently being viewed/edited. (only set in view/edit mode)
  • visit: the visit start date-time
  • concept: the Concept object of given concept ID passed as parameter


Code Block
<lookup expression="patient.personName"/> this will translate to the velocity expression $\!{patient.personName}
<lookup expression="patient.personName.givenName"/>
<lookup expression="patient.personName.familyName"/>
<lookup expression="patient.getPatientIdentifier(5)"/> this will get the patient's first identifier with Identifier Type Id of 5
<lookup expression="patient.birthdate"/>
<lookup expression="patient.age"/>
<lookup expression="patient.gender" codePrefix="gender_"/>
<lookup complexExpression="#foreach( $addr in $patient.addresses ) $\!addr.cityVillage <br/> #end"/>
<lookup class="value" .../>   this will produce <span>result of expression</span>
<lookup expression="personAttributes.get('Tribe')"/> this will get the patient's 'Tribe' person attribute
<lookup expression="patient.personAddress.address1"/> this will get the address1 field of the patient's preferred address
<lookup expression="patient.personAddress.cityVillage"/> this will get the city field of the patient's preferred address
<lookup expression="fn.getConcept('110').description"/> returns description of concept ID 21. Ticket # 478
<lookup complexExpression="#foreach ( $relationship in $relationshipList )
    #if( $relationship.relationshipType.bIsToA == 'Parent' )
          #if( !($relationship.personB.patientId == $patient.patientId ))
             #if( $relationship.personB.gender == 'F' )
#end "/> this will get the patient's mother's name
<lookup complexExpression="
&#60;img src=&#34;${patient.getPatientIdentifier(1)}&#34;/&#62;
" /> this loads a dynamic image (This requires the us of ASCII character codes because the quote and less-than symbols are illegal.)
<lookup complexExpression="$fn.latestObs(6527)"/> this shows the concept name of the latest coded value for concept # 6527.
<lookup expression="visit.startDatetime"/> this shows the start date of the current visit


Define macros at the top of the file (e.g. for things like colors).