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About us

OpenMRS Kenya community is part of the global OpenMRS community. It is network of developers, designers, health informatics experts and medical doctors in Kenya actively involved  in development, design or implementation of OpenMRS or have . The community members also  have interest in medical records systems and open source tools (esp especially OpenMRS) that support delivery of quality health care. 

Stay up to date with all matters OpenMRS Kenya and interact with the community on the following platforms.


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The KenyaEMR is a tailored distribution of OpenMRS which meets the requirements laid out in the Kenya Ministry of Health document: 2011 Kenya EMR Standards and Guidelines. It 's is currently being developed and implemented primarily by I-TECH and has been deployed to almost 140 sites more than 341 public health facilities in Kenya as of Sep 2014.

How to Contribute

If you are already working on an OpenMRS project, join one of the Working groups of your interest. Participate in the discussions and the meetings. 

If you are new to OpenMRS, download a the software and start hacking your way around. Here is the right place to ask questions, join the global developer mailing list and Kenya Community. 













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