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[GCI-27] ixWDE4eR

  1. First customization I'd like to propose is Unknown User (enymuss)'s, essentially, but rather than completely turning off description indexing, I've just given name more weight.
  2. I tried sorting solely by date updated, which - expectedly - did not work that great. Having it sort results with an equal score by some other parameter seems like a good idea, but I was unable to figure out how to do it.
  3. Sort by revelance works fine, but (1) is better, I believe.


[GCI-27] cshah

As seen in other locations on this page, modulus orders results alphabetically initially. To customize this, I first prioritized description rather than name. This made the search go through and find results more comprehensively. Rather than only showing a few results, it showed many more, relevant results. The wildcard '?' also helped when searching for a group of things. The second customization was removing both name and desc from the array. This resulted in an equal priority for both, and the results were listed alphabetically. Finally, I decided to test sorting by date updated and created, and these results were not as effective as when I used name/description. The search with description prioritized proved to yield the most results in an organized order – the screenshots are shown below.