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  • 2014 OpenMRS Leadership Camp: Action Items

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Session 2: Partnerships - Chris Seebregts

  •  Schedule some time with Burke Mamlin to discuss the development of a “partnership “triangle”
  •  Operationalize the “partnership triangle” - potentially using new Mozambique? partnership with Jan Flowers (BL 6/15 seems like this is proceeding, TW,MZ,UCSF,I-TECH,OMRS)
  •  Chris Seebregts to work with Saptarshi Purkayastha on different MOOC partnership opportunities
  •  Put in nomination to the leadership list for 2 partnership co-leads (Bill Lober & Jan Flowers)
  •  Partnership team to review and revise partnership function for 2015 in its current state as in relation to the last year. (BL 6/15 lots of discussion spring 2015)
  •  Create new version of MOU with SES then send to the leadership list for review and feedback (BL 6/15 We don't really have a single SES-relationship lead, Daruis is TW-relationship lead?)
  •  Paul BiondichChris Seebregts, and Andrea Jensen to speak about PIH partnership (next 6mth)