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StageCriteriaExpectationsPrivilegesExample Role(s)



  • Be or desire to be a developer
  • OpenMRS ID
  • Introduced

How to Earn: See /dev/null badge on Talk

  • Can communicate well and show respect for others
  • Willing to be opened
  • Chat with devs on IRC
  • Can become a /dev/1
  • Claim an intro ticket (or a non-intro ticket with assistance from a /dev/2+)
  • Submit a pull request
  • Take Introductory Quiz
  • Community Member



  • Development Environment
  • RTFM
  • Claim ticket
  • Pull Request Submitted
  • Pass 5-10 question Introductory Quiz

How to Earn: See /dev/1 badge on Talk

  • Has tackled at least one intro ticket
  • Can write a unit test
  • GSoC
  • Post to dev list
  • Propose topic(s) on Dev Forum(s)
  • Wiki Editor
  • Intern



  • Helps others
  • Participate in Dev Forum(s)
  • Active ≥3 months
  • Resolved ≥10 tickets

How to Earn: Send a message to current /dev/2 members on Talk.

  • Can handle low complexity tickets
  • Has tackled at least 10 tickets
  • Can create a module
  • Has pair programmed
  • Claim low-to-moderate complexity tickets
  • Curate tickets
  • Publish a module and resources to Maven repo
  • Migrate a repo following our code of conduct
  • Developer on Sprint



  • Curates ticket(s)
  • Working with others
  • Hugged by an implementation

How to Earn: Send a message to current /dev/3 members on Talk. 

  • Can handle moderate complexity tickets
  • Can function independently, yet looks for opportunities to pair program
  • Code review
  • Configure CI
  • Lead Sprint
  • Push to module(s)
  • Spike for community
  • Manage a release
  • Initiate a maintenance release
  • Technical Lead for Sprint
  • Spike Developer
  • Release manager



  • Perform at least one Spike for the community
  • Leading Dev Forum(s)
  • Leading Sprints
  • Overseeing code reviews
  • Hugged by ≥2 implementations
  • Has publicly thanked at least 10 other devs

How to Earn: Send a message to current /dev/4 members on Talk.  

  • Can handle complex tickets
  • Finds effective ways for developers across organizations to work together
  • Occasionally leading the Community Development Swim Lane.
  • Push to core



  • Responsible for a component
  • Mentoring other devs
  • Engages with implementation(s)

How to Earn: Send a message to current /dev/5 members on Talk.  

  • An OpenMRS jedi
  • Leading development
  • Finds ways to make local implementation development benefit the community and community development benefit local implementations.
  • Occasionally leading the Community Development Swim Lane.
  • Accomplishing more through guiding/helping other devs than on their own.
  • Can establish coding conventions
  • Can deprecate services
  • Participate in OpenMRS leadership discussions