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  1. Within the OpenMRS project in Transifex, create a new resource (click on "Resource" -> "Add New Resource")
  2. Choose the the Upload File option and upload the file for your module (file format is Java properties file - Unicode). Click Create Resource.
  3. One Once the resource has been created, click on the resource (it will probably be called and then click Settings to give it a more intelligent name (ie, Html Form Entry Module) and slug (ie, htmlformentry-module)
  4. Configure the module to be updateable via the Transifex command-line client:
    1. Install the Transifex client and set up the .transifexrc configuration file as specified here:

    2. Create a new directory .tx off the top-level module directory with a single file named "config" wit with the following content (replace htmlformentry-module with the slug you chose for your module in step #3):
      host =

      source_file = api/src/main/resources/
      source_lang = en = api/src/main/resources/ = api/src/main/resources/

    3. Add a "trans" line to the above file for each language that you are supporting.
    4. Add this new file and directory to git and push it up.
  5. If you have any existing translations for the module, push these translations up to Transifex via executing the following Transifex client command at the command line: "tx push -tf"
  6. Set up Transifex to automatically update the file from github nightly:
    1. Click on the "Auto Update Resources" button from the resources view
    2. Add the URL of the file on Git Hub (ie,