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How to Participate 

  • Register for an (OpenMRS Id ).

  • Begin straight away by checking out the list of tickets to be tested , you don't need to assign your self of any of them to do the testing.

  • After targeting any ticket, and visiting its url, read through it and be sure you know what is needed by the ticket,

  • Besides someone picking a ticket of their interest, the release manager will ensure to ping each contributor by his/her openmrs id in JIRA at-least a day before so that he plans on when to test the requested ticket before the given day passes.
  • Then confirm whether the fix was added as required from our live demo of OpenMRS 1.11 from here .

  • After confirming the fix, add "1.11-release-tested-pass" to label, otherwise  add "1.11-release-tested-fail"

  • For tickets that do not require any user interface testing, if you are a developer, take a quick glance at the commits and if they look good, just add the 1.11-release-tested-pass label and comment that you have reviewed. If the commits need some more work, add the 1.11-release-tested-fail label and comment accordingly.
  • You can also add any comment(s) to the ticket when necessary.

  • Feel free to do any other random testing for features which may not have tickets. Include your findings in the feedback notes page above.
  • Wishing you the best testing experience