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  • Translate into other languages (ie. French) and make certain that all text labels are in message properties (Transifex).  If you are not a native French speaker, find someone who can translate.
  • RA-1387 Upgrade FontAwesome from 3.x to latest (5+).   Find a great icon for the dashboard / condition list.    The current icon isn't ideal.

Progress TODO List

Primary Objectives

  1. Fix error while saving condition- PR1 , PR2 , PR3 (Completed)
  2. Onset date entry should allow past dates only (Completed)
  3. Display end date for inactive conditions (Completed)
  4. Remove ‘History Of’ functionality and add labels (Completed)
  5. Add labels to Condition and Onset date field (Completed)
  6. Fix radio buttons on ‘Add New Condition’ page (Completed)
  7. Minor UI changes- PR1, PR2 (Completed)
  8. Conditions should be limited to diagnosis,findings,etc (Completed)
  9. Change hover message for ‘x’ icon in manage conditions (Completed)
  10. Edit Conditions feature- PR1 , PR2 (Completed)
  11. Add translations to french in Transifex (Completed)
  12. Cohort Builder for Condition List (in progress)

Additional Objectives

  1. End date validation (Completed)
  2. Confirmation before deleting a condition (Completed)
  3. Cosmetic tweaks for Manage Conditions UI (Completed)
  4. Add Condition UI enhancement (Completed)
  5. Upgrade Font Awesome to latest for reference application (Completed)
  6. Upgrade Font Awesome to latest for uicommons (Completed)
  7. Replace plus minus icons with labels (Completed)
  8. Fix error on clicking ‘x’ icon on patient page (Completed)
  9. Add onset date check for conditions to ConditionValidator (Completed)


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