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  1. Release all modules to be included in the distribution
    1. Go to and look for SNAPSHOT dependencies
    2. Change preparing.refapp.distro.release bamboo variable to 'true' (if it's not already set).
    3. Release all SNAPSHOT dependencies. Verify that the released version shows up in
    4. Make sure all declared versions of modules are the latest compatible versions
  2. Release the distribution from CI
    1. Go to
    2. Every build stops/pauses at the release stage(you can observe this in the left side column nearing the bottom of the page with section titled Release having a small right-arrow/play symbol beside it).
    3. Trigger the Run command: This will deploy reference application , docker image ,qa-refApp and run UI  tests on travis if everything runs successful.
    4. After verifying the artifacts trigger the release by clicking on the play/right-arrow button next to the Release section located to the left bottom. At this point, you have the opportunity to override the variables on release version (maven.release.version) and the next snapshot on the pom file (maven.development.version);Note: The version of openmrsVersion must correspond to the version in refApp distro; otherwise, maven release plugin will just use its default values. This begins the process of releasing the OpenMRS 2.x version in maven and packaging the released modules.
    5. After a successful Release, confirm that preparing.refapp.distro.release bamboo variable is set to 'false'.
    6. Verify that has been updated to the latest released version and it runs correct modules.
    7. Verify that has been updated to the latest released version and it runs correct modules.


  1. Make a copy of the current "Reference Application (version)" documentation page (e.g the one for RefApp 2.5 is here), and name it for the next release. Add a note that this version is not yet released.
  2. Remove a note from the current "Reference Application (version)" documentation page that this version is not yet released.
  3. Edit the OpenMRS Reference Application 2.x Implementer Documentation page so that includes the "Reference Application (version)" page for the new release.
  4. Maintain the list of Contributors for the release.
  5. Create the Release notes:
    1. Create a release notes child page in Release Notes with the release version name.
    2. Update the Release Notes page meta tag with the new page you created.
  6. Announcing the Release
    1. Announce the release in OpenMRS Talk similar to the blog post. Please do not forget to include the list of contributors in the announcement.
    2. .Create a new case at OpenMRS helpdesk requesting to update home page and downloads page to the latest release. Please provide links to the downloads.

      No Format
      In preparation for the release of OpenMRS Release X on 21/04/2017 10:00 UTC please do:
      1. Update to allow bug reports for X.
      2. Update to point to Reference application at<path> 
      3. Update to point to Reference application  war at<path>

  7. Release in JIRA
    1. Request for being an administrator of the Reference Application project in JIRA from a current Administrator - Presently Darius Jazayeri is an administrator for the project. Ensure that all tickets are in the ACCEPTED state, before you release in JIRA.
    2. Go to this link - and enter the date beside the version you are about to release and click on the small settings icon indicating a dropdown that appears when you point the mouse over  the list value for the version and select release.
  8. Update the Release Process wiki with the latest changes if any.