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  1. Publishing the Artifacts
    1. Go to - sourceforge.net/projects/openmrs/files/releases/ - log in to your SourceForge account and create a new folder with the release version following the nomenclature of the previous folders. upload the openmrs-2.x-modules.zip and openmrs-standalone.zip downloaded from the artifacts tab in the released build. This might take some time be patient, check and verify that they have been uploaded properly.
  2. Maintain the list of Contributors for the release.
  3. Create the Release notes:
    1. Create a release notes child page in Release Notes with the release version name.
    2. Update the Release Notes page meta tag with the new page you created.
  4. Announcing the Release
    1. Create a blog post in OpenMRS.org announcing the release, using your WordPress account. If you need an account, create a help desk case at https://help.openmrs.org/customer/portal/emails/new. The announcement can be similar to the ones created before. Please do not forget to include the list of contributors in the announcement.
    2. Announce the release in OpenMRS Talk similar to the blog post.
    3. .Create a new case at OpenMRS helpdesk requesting to update the OpenMRS.org home page and downloads page to update it to the latest release. Please provide links to the downloads. 
      DO NOT mark the Impact of your case as anything other than Routine.
  5. Release in JIRA
    1. Request for being an administrator of the Reference Application project in JIRA from a current Administrator - Presently Darius Jazayeri is an administrator for the project.
    2. Go to this link - https://issues.openmrs.org/plugins/servlet/project-config/RA/versions and enter the date beside the version you are about to release and click on the small settings icon indicating a dropdown that appears when you point the mouse over  the list value for the version and select release.
  6. Update the Release Process wiki with the latest changes if any.