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serverOpenMRS JIRA


Platform 1.10.0 focused on introducing a flexible Order Service. There were significant changes made to orders, drug_order, and test_order tables and some new tables were added: care_setting, drug_reference_map, order_frequency, order_type, order_type_class_map.

- Adding unique key constraint to column
- Adding java_class_name column to order_type table
- Adding parent column to order_type table
- Setting java_class_name column for drug order type row
- Add not-null constraint on order_type.java_class_name column
- Insert order type for test orders
- Making orders.start_date not nullable
- Making order.encounter required
- Make orders.orderer not NULLable
- Renaming drug_order.prn column to drug_order.as_needed
- Adding as_needed_condition column to drug_order table
- Adding order_number column to orders table
- Setting order numbers for existing orders
- Making orders.order_number not nullable
- Adding previous_order_id to orders
- Adding order_action to orders and setting order_actions as NEW for existing orders
- Renaming drug_order.complex to dosing_type
- Making drug_order.dosing_type nullable
- Converting values in drug_order.dosing_type column
- Adding num_refills column to drug_order table
- Create the order_frequency table
- Adding dosing_instructions column to drug_order table
- Adding comment_to_fulfiller column to orders table
- Adding duration column to drug_order table
- Adding duration_units column to drug_order table
- Adding quantity_units column to drug_order table
- Changing quantity column of drug_order to double
- Adding route column to drug_order table
- Dropping equivalent_daily_dose column from drug_order table
- Adding dose_units column to drug_order table
- Adding foreignKey constraint on dose_units
- Migrating old text units to coded dose_units in drug_order
- Deleting units column
- Adding frequency column to test_order table
- Adding number_of_repeats column to test_order table
- Rename orders.discontinued_date to date_stopped
- Creating Discontinue Order for discontinued orders
- Setting order.discontinued_reason to null for stopped orders
- Setting orders.discontinued_reason_non_coded to null for stopped orders
- Removing discontinued from orders
- Dropping fk constraint on orders.discontinued_by column to users.user_id column
- Removing discontinued_by from orders
- Temporarily renaming drug_order.frequency column to frequency_text
- Adding the frequency column to the drug_order table
- Creating coded order frequencies for drug order frequencies
- Migrating drug order frequencies to coded order frequencies
- Dropping temporary column drug_order.frequency_text
- Adding care_setting table
- Adding OUTPATIENT care setting
- Adding INPATIENT care setting
- Add care_setting column to orders table
- Set default value for orders.care_setting column for existing rows
- Make care_setting column non-nullable
- Add foreign key constraint
- Add drug_reference_map table
- Temporary dropping foreign key on orders.discontinued_reason column
- Renaming orders.discontinued_reason column to order_reason
- Adding back foreign key on orders.discontinued_reason column
- Renaming orders.discontinued_reason_non_coded column to order_reason_non_coded
- Creating provider accounts for all users who have placed orders for patients and have no associated provider accounts
- Temporarily removing foreign key constraint from orders.orderer column
- Converting orders.orderer to reference provider.provider_id
- Adding foreign key constraint to orders.orderer column
- Inserting Frequency concept class
- Adding scheduled_date column to orders table
- Add order_type_class_map table
- Concatenate dose_strength and units to form the value for the new strength field
- Add changed_by column to order_type table
- Add date_changed column to order_type table
- Adding foreign key constraint from order_type.parent column to orders.order_id column
- Add brand_name column to drug_order table
- Add dispense_as_written column to drug_order table
- Dropping default value for drug_order.drug_inventory_id
- Renaming the start_date in order table to date_activated
- Increase size of dosing type column to 255 characters
- Changing duration column of drug_order to int