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  1. Click on the Operation Type drop down button and select the type of operation you want to perform. The operation type can either be an Adjustment, Disposed, Distribution, Receipt, Return or a Transfer.
  2. Check the operation date. If the stock operation was done on a different date than the current date, click on Change Date and choose the correct date of the stock operation.
  3. Select the source and destination for the item stock.
  4. Type the item stock and quantity and select the expiration date for items with an expiry date.
  5. Finally, click on the Create Operation button.

As the status of the stock operation changes, the requested item stock changes are applied to the source and/or destination stockrooms as defined by the stock operation type.


With the new version of OpenHMIS, resolving this issue has been made easy by using the Stock Take page. The stock take page gives an overview of item stock available in different stock rooms, the item stock expiration date where applicable and the quantity of each item stock. The stock take page also provides an Actual Quantity column that allows users to do stock adjustments.

Use the drop down button to select the stockroom that you want to do a stock take on. The quantity in the system should always match the Actual quantity in the stockroom. If for any reason e.g a typo, the system's quantity does not match the actual quantity, type the actual quantity of the item stock in the Actual Quantity text field and click on Save Stock Take. This will adjust your system quantity with the actual quantity that you have input.


The item stock quantities that can be viewed on the stockroom detail page can be a little deceptive. The item stock quantity is actually broken down by both the item stock expiration date (if there is one) and the originating operation (called the Batch Operation), we call the the Item Stock Detail. These details are not currently visible on the Stockoom Stockroom page where only the cumulative total for each item stock is visible, but the item stock details will be added in a future version.