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  1. What types of CDA Documents or Messages are currently supported by the CDA Generator module
  2. Design of the Module
  3. How users can extend on CDA Generator module
  4. How we are populating sections of APHP CDA Message
  5. Installation of the Module
  6. Potential Improvements
  7. Screenshots
  8. Quick Demonstration
  9. Sample APHP Documents produced by the CDA Generator module

What types of CDA Documents or Messages are currently generated by the CDA Generator module ?


Installation of the Module

Installation of the OpenMRS CDA Generator Module

Potential Improvements

  • We can Add/Edit/Delete  CDA Documents and Sections Programmatically but not though the UI.

  •  Create clients to consume CDAs by hitting a REST Web Service with a patient identifier and cda document type to download their CDA instead of users downloading through administrative tab.

  • We are using gazelle as an external validator in addition to mdht cda validation code in our module. I’m manually using GUI gazelle validator to check our cda documents. So, we can call gazelle validator via a web service from our module.


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Sample CDA Documents for review

For a sample document generated using the OpenMRS CDA generator module, see here 


Source code: