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  1. Added possibility to capture vitals.
  2. Added possibility to start and end visit.
  3. Few views has been redesigned.

See more in JIRA.

Version 2.1.2


  1. Added possibility to capture vitals from visit dashboard
  2. Provided data integrity with server side
  3. Updated flow for capturing vitals
  4. Optimized memory consumption
  5. Optimized application architecture
  6. Extended error handling
  7. Reduced bandwidth consumption with GZIP
  8. Bugs fixes and minor views improvements

See more in JIRA.


Version 2


  1. Online/Offline mode.
  2. Request optimization.
  3. Added pull to refresh for last viewed patient list.
  4. Added capture vitals for started visit view.
  5. Minor bug fixes.
  6. Online patient registration
  7. Integrate Android Espresso Test Framework
  8. Allow user to continue filling form which was saved.
  9. Increase Code Coverage

See more in JIRA

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