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  • Test – lab tests(e.g. CD4 Count) or physical exam maneuver (e.g. Babinski)
  • Procedure – spinal tap, lumbar puncture, etc.
  • Drug – medications, prescriptions and over the counter
  • Diagnosis – defined medical conclusion (usually in ICD), e.g. diabetes, AIDS
  • Finding – physical or exam findings (shortness of breath, systolic murmur, LLL infiltrate)
  • Anatomy – body part, e.g. right arm, frontal lobe, abdomen.
  • Question - query to which there are either open-ended or coded responses
  • LabSet – a group of several test concepts, e.g. I-Stat Chem8+
  • MedSet – a group of several medications, e.g. cardiac medication
  • ConvSet – a group of concepts, typically questions, assembled for convenience, e.g. vitals vital signs
  • Misc – unclassifiable concepts, typically general descriptions of location or rankings, e.g. left, severe, positive
  • Symptom – any sign or indication of a possible conclusion, e.g. chills, increased heart rate
  • Symptom/Finding – any sign or indication, not specifically linked to one conclusion
  • Specimen – a sample of any larger part, e.g. tissue, blood sample
  • Misc Order – orders typically not utilized by the organization
  • Program – a specific plan, or set of plans, that a patient may be enrolled in, e.g. first line TB treatment
  • Workflow – a process, as described by the organization
  • State – a general description of a patient or body’s status, e.g. comatose