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  • Delete refapp.distro.dev.branch variable
  • Change maven.release.version to the next version that should be released (e.g, if your pom is 1.0-SNAPSHOT, this variable should be 1.0)
  • Change refapp.distro.property to the property of this module in the refapp distro pom file. If it's not part of the distro, delete this variable.

2.4.) Update Java version

Make sure you are using the correct java version in both the first stage and the release stage (controlled by the JAVA_HOME variable):

Image AddedImage Added

To run in JDK 7, you can just remove the JAVA_HOME variable in the release prepare/perform task (or use JAVA_HOME=${bamboo.capability.system.jdk.openjdk-7-jdk}).

2.5) Dependencies tab

If your build is going to trigger other plans, make sure to add to its dependencies.




6) Refapp distro release tasks

If your module is not part of the refapp distro, make sure to delete the relevant tasks in the 'Release to maven' job of your build:



1) Add a link to the Releasing a Module from Bamboo page in the plan config

For example, 'More details of the release in https://wiki.openmrs.org/x/i4DTAw'

2) Create the plan variables:

  • maven.development.version - leave it empty. It could be used to override the default value
  • maven.release.version: add the next release version of this module. Check the pom file in doubt. 
  • refapp.distro.property: only necessary if this module is part of the refapp distro. The maven property in the refapp distro pom file for this module.

(warning) If you are using Release test module as a guide, ignore the refapp.distro.dev.branch variable. It's there only for testing purposes.



3) In the plan configuration, add 'Release scripts' as the second repository:

This repository contains some scripts to execute the release.


4) Remove the polling trigger of the 'Release scripts' repository


5) Create a manual stage for the release:


6) Create the job for that stage

You can use Release module - Release to maven job as a reference.

6.1) Checkout task:

6.2) Release prepare/perform

Execute the release bash script from https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-contrib-bamboo

If your build requires JDK 8, make sure to add JAVA_HOME=${bamboo.capability.system.jdk.openjdk-8-jdk} to the environment variables. 

6.3) Retrieve from the pom file what will be the next release

Save next version in the plan.


6.4) Retrieve the snapshot version to use in the next task

Only if this module is part of the refapp distro


6.5) Update version in the distro

Only if this module is part of the refapp distro

Execute the distro update bash script from https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-contrib-bamboo