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Abstract:OpenMRS deployments have used a variety of external data checks to ensure that data from the EMR system is consistent ,but there has been no consistent tool.Data Quality Module is meant to extract encounter information based on user-selected criteria like a specific form or date range and prompt the user to re-enter the data.Once the user enters the data, differences between the original record are highlighted and the user is prompted to confirm the differences and has an option to send reports





  • Sample based on encounter type, original enterer, location, and date range 




 22nd April – 18th May: Community bonding period and also survey time to refer all the methods of HTML Form Entry Module.


 19th May – 27th May: Creating a basic openmrs module front end pages which consists of two features mainly patients/forms and entering data into forms .


The main idea would be when we enter the details of the patient from this module we can cross reference these details with the details which are already stored in the database .This is done by using methods of HTML Form Entry Module in this module we can get the patient details which is already stored in the database and cross referencing  with the data entered for the second time.if there is any inconsistency we can highlight the inconsistency data.




 28th May – 15th June: I am trying to implement this module for Html Form Entry functionality so using those methods in my module


 16th June – 30th June: checking for the inconsistent data and writing test cases


1st July – 25th July: Adding a new functionality to prompt to the admin by using ajax calls


26th July – 10th August:  writing unit test cases for after implementing ajax calls


10th August – 18th August: Buffer Time for Code cleaning mostly including adding the liquibase.xml file and adding the documentation for the module.