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A previous GSoC project successfully integrated RegaDB with OpenMRS, but the module has not been maintained. RegaDB is a database with software tools, which may be installed and managed locally, to store clinical data related to HIV and HCV treatment. It aims to support both clinicians and researchers in their work by delivering a free and open source software solution. The OpenMRS RegaDB integration should support the following use-case from Botswana.

Developing IT interoperability between the Botswana National Tuberculosis Program (BNTP) and National Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) Programme will serve as the first demonstration project for health systems integration in the country. Beginning with patients failing ART and/or anti-tuberculosis therapy - those who require the greatest levels of clinical care and monitoring - systems integration will serve to optimize the use of scare medical personnel. By linking the TB electronic treatment register and MDR-TB OpenMRS systems with the ART programme data and RegaDB as its failure management system, streamlined clinical care can be implemented.  No longer will patients need to see separate health care providers for two conditions. Furthermore, integrated systems will improve direct patient care by providing comprehensive medical records to inform clinical decision making. These systems will also prove invaluable in training and medical capacity development by allowing health care personnel to appreciate the complexity of TB-HIV co-infection and better monitor toxicities, co-morbidities and treatment failure.