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Reference Application is a state of the art implementation of OpenMRS, which may serve as a solid base for new implementations. It is designed using the latest UI 2.x and App Framework and is related to

serverOpenMRS JIRA
, which make it easy to add new functionality as small apps in a similar fashion to mobile applications. However, lots of the administrative tasks e.g concept, form, global propertySetting (formerly Global Property from platform 1.8 downwards), roles, locations and privilege management are still being done from the legacy user interface which is accessed via the Advanced Administration App, these tasks need to be ported to the reference application too.


  • Add User Account Manager tool  see
  • Manage Locations (including tagging those location, adding and editing location attributes)
  • Add advanced settings management tool(s), add custom pages for managing specific global properties Settings (formerly Global Properties from platform 1.8 downwards) (e.g. all the security.* GPs together nicely in a Security Settings page)