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Basic understanding of XML and JAXB is needed as the OpenMRS-DHIS2 Integration Module implements them.

Future Work

  1. Reconcile DHIS2 Reporting module branches
    To make the module available in production, the `adx` and `adx-disaggregations` branches should be merged to master to ensure the module has the following,
    - Use CODE values instead of UIDs
    - Use DHIS2 friendly terms at the dataset level
    - Define a standard set of concepts/terms to use
    - Import datasets using a connected DHIS2 instance
    - Support multiple Period Types
    - Map OMRS locations with DHIS2 Organisation Unit codes
  2. Develop the UI using Micro Frontends
  3. Add custom SQL Queries support
  4. Add Export functionality (export SQL-mapped dataset from the module)
  5. Push data to DHIS2 automatically
  6. Store multiple DHIS2 connections

More detail details on the next steps can be found here: COVID-19 Public Health Response — Improving OMRS to DHIS2 Integration