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Maintain a healthy community space for all. OpenMRS prides itself on being a friendly and collaborative community. This comes largely from our ability to hold ourselves, and each other accountable ,  accountable for our behavior with each other. Part of that approach to accountability includes escalating awareness of circumstances that make members of our community feel unequal, uncomfortable, or unsafe. In situations where you witness behaviors in the community that betray our code of conduct, we encourage you to communicate your concerns directly with that individual or group. In circumstances where you are either uncomfortable approaching them, or feel as if your intervention has been unsuccessful, please don’t hesitate to approach the OpenMRS community management team.

Consequences of inappropriate behavior. We are committed to upholding the code of conduct, and, as such, we will enforce disciplinary actions for people who continually disregard their these principles. If a community member is seen to violate the OpenMRS Code of Conduct, their behavior will be referred to the OpenMRS community management team which will take appropriate , and open action befitting the severity of the violation.

Violations and penalties. The OpenMRS community management team will consider and decide upon an appropriate penalties penalty based on the severity of the violation. In all instances, both the reporter and violator will be notified of the event, and what action would will be taken. Such actions could include one or more of the following: