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  1. emrapi.EmrApiVisitAssignmentHandler.encounterTypeToNewVisitTypeMap (since 1.21) - defines the mapping between encounter types and visit types. When defined leads to the creation of a new visit whose visit type is obtained from the defined mapping. The following mappings are accepted:
    1. encounterTypeId:visitId - numeric identifiers e.g., 2:1
    2. encounterTypeUuid:visitTypeUuid - uuid identifiers e.g ca3aed11-1aa4-42a1-b85c-8332fc8001fc:7b0f5697-27e3-40c4-8bae-f4049abfb4ed (Check-in encounter type to Facility visit type)
    3. encounterTypeUuid:visitTypeId - mixing of uuids and numeric identifiers 
    4. default:visitTypeId - mapping all encounter types to a specific visit type (either numeric identifier or uuid works for the visit type)
    5. default:visitTypeId, encounterTypeId:visitTypeId - overriding the default mapping for all encounter types for a specific encounter type e.g. default:1, 2:2 will create visit type 2 for encounters with encounter type 2 and visit type 1 for all other encounters. 
  2. emrapi.EmrApiVisitAssignmentHandler.adjustEncounterTimeOfDayIfNecessary (since 1.28)
    1. Default value: false
    2. If set true, then when searching for matching visits for an encounter, the handler will consider all visits that fall on the same day at the same location a "match" (even the time does not match up).  If necessary, the encounter_datetime will be shifted to the visit_startime of the visit.  Note that if there is more than 1 matching visit (ie, multiple visits for the patient at the same day at the same location) the visit chosen would be arbitrary.