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This documentation refers to an older version of the OpenMRS reference application. You can find the latest at OpenMRS Reference Application 2.x Implementer Documentation


Table of Contents



  • register patients
  • start and end visits
  • list patients with active visits
  • admit/transfer/discharge patients
  • take clinical notes
  • capture patient vitals
  • display patient summary and visit history.
  • capture allergies
  • Enter forms from the patient dashboard

Try It Out!


You can always explore the latest released version of the Reference Application by going to and signing in with the following credentials:


Each user has access to different parts of the application and we encourage you to explore them all.

Note that this server is reset every 24 hours, so if it is unresponsive or the entire site seems down, please try again in 10-15 minutes.


If you want to install the latest released version of the Reference Application yourself, you can download it as a standalone, which is a complete package with an embedded Tomcat and MySQL database. When you first start a standalone, you can pick one of 2 install options.